Gratitude Begins at Home

I missed the Thanksgiving blog boat last week in not posting an article about gratitude. Gratitude is a subject that’s been done to death. It’s not that I’m against gratitude–far from it.  Life if abundant whether we practice gratitude or not.  How many breaths will you breathe in your lifetime? How many blades of grass will you set foot upon? How many choices does one make in just one 24 hour period? Free will is all about abundance. You see, I’m talking about the abundance of nature, of our God given gifts, not material goods, not money. How totally yuck that something so beautiful as being grateful for God’s abundant life got connected up with and manipulated for the purpose of manifesting material abundance!

Something to be Truly Grateful For

I was listening to an audio clip of David Hawkins, sage and author of Power versus Force, last week. He asked the question, that if you were given a beautiful, rare, delicate, porcelain Chinese vase, how would you take care of it?  Wouldn’t you treat it with the utmost care and respect? Of course, he was talking about our physical bodies.

We mistreat and dishonor the gift of our wonderful, physical vessels in so many ways by not tending to it’s nature: it’s need for enough rest, exercise, sunshine and fresh air;  it’s need for enough water and wholesome food. We treat our precious vessel worse than we’d treat an enemy by smoking, using drugs and drinking excessive alcohol. Many of us take better care of our pets than we do that one-of-a-kind vase that holds our heart and soul.

Our physical abuse is bad enough and then we dishonor this gift with our own word. With our word we focus on the body’s symptoms which is its response to imbalance. Instead of lending our support, we make the body bad in its quest to right itself. We speak as if the body is attacking us, killing us…as in this back is killing me. The verbal abuse might be much more subtle, too, as when someone asks, “How are you?”, and we answer with a description of everything we perceive to be wrong with our bodies. This use of our own words against our bodies is the ultimate of abuse we treat our bodies with. Raymon Grace, master dowser and blunt teacher says, “Your ears are listening while your mouth is talking.”

Deva is Sanskrit for Being of Light

Something to be Grateful to Find out About:  First the Bad News

The Raymon Grace Foundation has produced a series of monthly DVD’s on some very timely and important subjects to know about. In Raymon talks about Energetic Epidemics, Raymon describes how he and his fellow dowsing friends have discovered  that the nature spirits are leaving the land, AND the nature spirits are leaving our bodies. And just what are nature spirits, you  might well ask?

According to the Perelandra Paper: What is Nature Intelligence?, deva refers to the intelligence that is the architect of a universal form. The term nature spirit refers to the intelligence that builds and implements the devic design. So we have the architect and the builders.  In Raymon’s DVD he mentions that the nature spirits have a relationship to our glands. The endocrine glands correlate to our chakra system.  The devic intelligence holds the template for the chakra and all the organ systems that relate to it. The nature spirits implement the workings of our glands and organs.  If the nature spirits are leaving our endocrine system, this is very bad news.

And the Good News is…

Raymon Grace: Big Jobs need a Big Pendulum

The good news is that thanks to Raymon Grace and his dowsing friends, we can do something about this.

If you haven’t developed skills for dowsing or muscle testing yet, here’s what you can do to invite the nature spirits back. First please take some time to reflect on the marvelous workings of the human body.  Remember that nature has paired with your soul in order to manifest and maintain your physical vessel. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and humility, then make your request:

Thank you nature spirits for your efforts on behalf of my body. Please return to my body now.  Thank you. I appreciate you.

You can adapt this statement to invite the nature spirits to return to your land where your live and work and where your children attend school. You may want to invite the nature spirits back on behalf of your pets, also.

Offer your heartfelt gratitude to the nature spirits throughout each day.  It’s not that the nature spirits need our approval or even our gratitude.  They don’t. It does appear that they do need the power of our free will to be directed toward life and living.  With the physical and verbal abuse of our bodies (and our lands), we’ve been sending the nature spirits the wrong message.

Your body is your home while here on mother earth. If this home burns down, insurance is not going to replace it for you. What do you think…perhaps might gratitude properly begin at home?

Please speak kindly and treat your precious vessel with love and respect so that you may long continue to

Shine your Light!


I didn’t want you to get distracted with links in the article so here they are:

Listen to a clip from one of David Hawkin’s talks. and his website

Raymon Grace Discusses Energy Epidemics and What to Do About Them. also see

Michaela Small Wright, author of Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered and founder of the Perelandra Research Garden and    Perelandra Paper: What Is Nature Intelligence?

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