Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Wow! I turned Public Radio on in my car driving to Bangor on Tuesday. The news was on. I got the gist of it–the floods in Australia, the shooting in Arizona. I made some passionate exclamations, did some heavy sighing, said some prayers and turned the radio off and left it off, feeling overwhelmed.

How about you? Do you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with anger, fear or grief about our world situation and does this carry over into your personal life?

Are you finding that the practices that have helped you become centered and calm before, like exercise and mediation, aren’t enough to sustain emotional equilibrium for very long? Like sometimes you can loose your cool completely within five minutes after getting up from a blissful meditation?

Oh, yeah. I have first hand experience with all of the above!

So What the Heck is Going On???

It’s all about energy. Everything is all about energy because every thing is energy vibrating at a distinct frequency (rate) that identifies the subject as, what it is.

Matter is energy that vibrates such that it is dense enough to become visible to our human eye. Other outside energies influence and are imprinted on matter. Here are some examples of the energy impacting us today:

  • The energy of others and the energy in our surroundings.
  • The energy of what we hear over the radio.
  • What we see and hear on the television, computerized games and the internet.
  • Energy taken into our aura and absorbed through the skin. We feel the energy, but our ability to know the source of the energy we are feeling is limited, such as…
  • The massive amounts of electromagnetic frequencies that underlie our new age communications systems.

The Mother Lode of All Energy

We are strongly influenced by the energy of the moon and the sun, this is longstanding, common knowledge. It’s kind of strange then, isn’t it, that we are just now coming into an awareness of our relationship with the energy of Mother Earth? As we are made up of the elements of the earth and are 78% water, it stands to reason that we are affected by the earth’s energy.

Fifteen years ago, at a Kryon conference in Portsmouth, NH, Lee Carrol shared a news report that magnetic north had to be repainted on several airport runways. This repainting has been ongoing. You’ve probably heard in the news some stories of bird and whale migrations being disturbed. Carrol also reported that an adjustment had to be made to Greenwich Mean Time. Have you seen the line recently, Once upon a time, there was Time?  Be it conscious or not, we have an awareness that we are now experiencing something different than we have in the past.

The Core of the Matter

“What is more, the Earth’s core produces our magnetic field.”  Without it the Earth would be bombarded with dangerous cosmic rays and life would struggle to survive. As well as relying on Earth’s magnetic field to protect us, we now use it to navigate and keep satellites in place. Life on Earth depends upon the magnetic field, but until we understand the core we can’t fully understand how this field is created, or how it is likely to change.” From Science Daily, link below.

According to Raymon Grace and others who have been monitoring earth’s core energy, the energy is increasing dramatically. Both Raymon Grace, and Little Grandmother, speaker for the Tribe of Many Colors, make a direct correlation to the energy of our human emotions and core earth energy. Kryon has been teaching for over twenty years, that our mass consciousness, namely our mass emotions, directly affect the earth’s magnetic field.

Here’s the Energy Feed Back Loop:

Our Human Emotions/Mass Consciousness  > Heart of Mother Earth/Earth’s Core > Mother Earth’s Aura/Earth’s Mangentic Field > Our Human Emotions/Mass Consciousness

…and around we go.

Our Human Core Issues are Howling, Shaking, Erupting, Flooding.

The emotional trauma we are now each experiencing, is our core issue, our life lesson, coming up over and over again. What a gift! Just think about it…If we’re in a feed back loop with the earth’s core and we heal our core issue, then we move from being in a negative feed back loop into a positive feed back loop.

The articles  I write for this blog and Light Heart Retreat all have one underlying intention, to teach you the tools to help you heal at the core. There are many teachers and healers committed to this task. Unfortunately, what has been effective in the past, is not presently enough to counter the detrimental energy that has accumulated. We need more help.

In the following weeks I will present some explicit tools to increase the catalyst for change at the core. Presently I encourage you to deepen the practices that work for you. If you don’t have a practice for centering, you might check out the link below for the Centering Prayer.

Next week I’ll share with you a blessed tool to help shift the energy of the emotion that comes up around your core issue.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is this.  Witness and identify your emotional response to the drama that has been repeating itself with greater intensity in your life.  If you’re asking yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?” or saying, “I thought this was resolved.” That’s the one! What is your chief emotional response? You might want to work backwards from the emotion to identify your core issue/life lesson.

OMG! Did I just add to your overwhelm? Do what you know to do, one task at a time, the best that you can, with the truest of intentions.  Remember that you can, and do make a difference!

David recently had a fortune cookie that said, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.”  Blessings for the faith, hope and the courage to rise up from the overwhelm, again and again!




Earth’s Core More Complex Than Thought, Science Daily

Raymon Grace Newsletters

Little Grandmother and Tribe of Many Colors


Jiro Olcott ,The Impact of Earth Energies on Life and

An Overview of the Origin of Earth Energies: The Hartmann & Curry Grids

Father Keaton Teaches the Guidelines for the Centering Prayer on U-Tube

4 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed?

  1. This came in an email from Karena J:

    What timely wisdom! I truly needed to hear this right now. I also Love the humor you inject in your column. Thank-you for the wonderful links. I will enjoy exploring them!

    Namaste` Karena~ Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear there’s some humor in there. We definitely need to laugh more as it lifts the energy–it’s a dandy release! I meant to give a warning about the links. Each one of them is like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole. You could be there for days, there’s so much information. I know you’ll resonate to what’s on the Kryon site and it’s quite interesting to find links in scientific journals that are giving information along the same lines as channeled material and/or information coming through dowsers and the indegenous elders. Thanks for reading TDD posts and blessings for your freedom from overwhelm! Joanna

  2. Here’s a message sent to me from Marian B.:

    Thanks Joanna you are an awesome woman of wisdom, I am so happy to have met you….keep the wisdom flowing girl !!!!

    Namaste`Marian~ Thanks so much for reading this post and your kind support! Love and blessings for your strong, solid wise-woman core, Joanna

  3. This email came from Aunty B.

    Wow. How absolutely timely. Nicole and I have been discussing this weekly.
    Thank you so much for including me in these postings, I get so much from them and forward to same minded people.

    Namaste` Aunty B~ Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback. It’s much appreciated. I know you and Nicole have good tools to balance your energy.I hope you are giving yourself a Reiki treatment at least once a day. My prescription is PRN (short-hand for as needed.) Love and blessings for an oasis of peace when you most need one, Joanna

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