Big & Bigger

I don’t know anyone who isn’t facing a big challenge right now and many are facing multiple challenges such as:

  • financial struggle or ruin
  • recent death of friends and family members
  • loss of employment or
  • unhappy employment
  • personal illness and illness of family members who need care taking
  • estranged relationships with family and former friends
  • legal issues…tax issues…bureaucratic red tape Hell

Yet no matter how big our challenges are, there is always someone who is worse off than ourselves. That may be the only good reason to watch the news…to be reminded that given what people are having to live through on the global scale, we here in the U.S., still have it pretty darned good.

Not so sure about that? At the end of the day, do you still have a roof over your head? Do you have clean water to drink?  Were you able to feed your children well? Is your belly full? Do you have at least one person you can count on to give you some encouragement when you most need it? Answering yes to this last question is a bonus blessing!

Everyday we are in receivership of so many blessings! Then why is it so difficult then to be in the energy of gratitude for all the simple and profound ways that life supports us? Why is it so easy to be floundering in regret, resentment, anger, hopelessness?

When did we become so self-centered, so spoiled that we thought more was owed to us then our daily sustenance?

And how did we ever come to believe that we could guarantee a safe, comfortable passage through life, by having material security or spiritual security, even? When did we as a culture, forget that life encompasses all possible experience?

I hope you’ll feel moved to contribute to this article by sharing your answers to the above questions. You can use the contact form below or click on the comment button.

Here’s my two cents worth. No matter how big and how many our challenges are, we are BIGGER than our experience of them!   When we come out of the self-imposed prison of self-pity and overwhelm and gather with others to foster gratitude, hope and friendly support–we are BIGGER and BIGGER!


It's good to view Infinity every now and then.

The Dowsing Deva’s 40 Day Stop the Whining Challenge

Habitual whining and complaining keep us from accessing the power of our Bigger Self and the power of gratitude. It is said that it takes forty continuous days to change a habit. Will you join me in this challenge? Please click here to sign up and receive your Getting Started on The Dowsing Deva’s 40 Day Stop the Whining Challenge. You can start anytime…but why wait?

Taking one step at a time.  Living one day at a time.  And all of us in this great shift together– and we become Bigger and Bigger in our stamina, our courage and hope for a more sane and joyful experience of this new world unfolding.

Blessings for our journey!




Hope Springs Eternal!

4 thoughts on “Big & Bigger

  1. Message from Lauren G.: Namaste Joanna! This has been serious work of mine for the last year, and I can say my life has changed immensely! I don’t even let my family get to me much these days (and they certainly do try…). While it’s a constant challenge, I feel as if I’m finally in a place where my mind sees the deeper person within the person who might irritate me on the surface. I’ve also learned to be more gentle with myself–this is the greater challenge for me, not judging others, but judging myself. So, I will take your challenge, and focus on being gentle with myself. While I’ve never been much of a complainer, and judging others isn’t much my style, I do beat myself up, even over good things like diet and exercise. So, I’m in! Blessings! Lauren

    Namaste` Lauren~ Thanks for your input on your experience and pointing out that our deeper work is to stop our negative self talk. I’m noticing as I corral my mouth, I’m much more aware of my inner dialogue. Thanks also for bringing up that of course this work takes more than 40 days! I know we’ll have a good foot hold after this stretch. I’m looking forward to hearing what comes out of this for myself, you and all participants.Love and blessings for gentle and still honest communications for us all! Joanna

  2. This email came from Beth G:

    I so needed someone to challenge me to this! Thank you!

    Namaste` Beth~ I hope your family is well. Will your mother do the challenge with you? I hope so. I am the first one under this roof to make a contribution to the Whine Bucket–I said a bad word. Dam_! Love and blessings for a transformative 40 days, Joanna

  3. Namaste` Melissa~

    I hope it was warm, sunny and dry in Florida. It is difficult to go in Feb. and come back to the winter.

    We all need to pay more attention to what we’re putting out with our words as we are ever more powerful in them.

    Love and Blessings for your successful implementation of the challenge! Joanna

    On Feb 28, 2011, at 4:15 PM, Melissa G wrote:

    Great Idea! Just got back from vacation in Florida today and have been grumpy and complaining about snow and who knows what else! This is something I need and want to do!

    Namaste` Melissa~

    I hope it was warm, sunny and dry in Florida. It is difficult to go in Feb. and come back to the winter.

    We all need to pay more attention to what we’re putting out with our words as we are ever more powerful in them.

    Love and Blessings for your successful implementation of the challenge! Joanna

    • These comments were emailed to me from Annette B:

      Ok, I will stop whining and wish not to listen to it around me, nor will I tolerate the presence of it.

      Namaste` Annette~

      Thank you for joining this challenge. Everyone of us participating builds the group energy so that we can be successful with more ease and grace. You are a courageous woman and you will inspire others to follow your example. Love and blessings for your 40 day journey and beyond, Joanna

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