I Found the Missing Piece to a Puzzle

Have you ever been putting a jig saw puzzle together, only to find you’re missing a piece or two? Isn’t it great when you find the missing pieces in near proximity, like under the couch?

I had the good fortune of discovering a missing puzzle piece this week. I passed it off the first time it came to my attention, as not the piece I was looking for. It kept coming into my consciousness until I acknowledged it.

OMG! Reserves!!! How could I have missed out on knowing the importance of reserves for all of my years?

My parents were excellent role models for following the law of reserve. They understood the need to create reserves and maintain them. They also experienced times when they needed to draw deeply from their well of reserves, whether it was a financial reserve or a mental/emotional/spiritual reserve.

My parents also called themselves, boot-strapper Republicans. That was the pattern I recognized as the tool to their success. I saw that the harder my parents worked, the more they attained.  This work hard = attainment ethic became my model for prosperity. I had not understood the role that having reserves played in their lives. (Parents please get your kids actively involved in savings now and create a separate reserve fund.)

I had an income from working in our family meat market and grocery store by age 12. I made sandwiches, stocked shelves, wrapped freezer orders and waited on customers. If there was something I wanted, like a new bicycle to ride to and from work on, I learned that I could have it, when I worked hard and saved for it.

This model worked just great while I was under my parent’s roof. It did not work so well out on my own when my ‘66 Mustang needed constant repairs, when my wisdom teeth needed to come out, when my hours got cut back at the ice arena where I worked as a secretary and assistant bookkeeper. What did I do? I moved in with my grandparents for awhile, got a better paying job, worked hard and bought a VW Beetle. Over and over again I repeated the cycle of working harder to meet my needs.

Belief in ones ability to create through hard work, can take someone a long way. But not all the way and not in these times when the truth will have it’s way with or without you on board.

When one works hard physically and mentally or spiritually for that matter, one will seek out ways to restore the energy. Not all of these avenues will be healthy, which has been very good for Dunkin Donuts. Eighteen years ago I discovered how to create and maintain energy reserves through self treatment with Reiki. I also recognized the importance of doing so.

Did I carry over that understanding to financial reserves? No. This continued to be a blind spot for me, until this past Sunday. A quote from healer, Bruno Groening, had caught my eye about 10 days ago. It registered mildly at that time. “You must also make sure that you have reserves, energy reserves.”

Evidently that statement had been working away in my consciousness. At every turn I saw my own lack of reserves mirrored back to me in how those around me were becoming mentally, physically, emotionally and financially depleted– good people like myself, working as diligently as they can, and falling short.

I wish I could recall the very straw that broke the camel’s back of my unknowing when suddenly I got it!

RESERVES! It’s nature’s pattern underlying sustainability. Nature rests and build reserves. Our balsam trees have grown enormously over the past years with the increased rainfall. During years of relative drought, they hardly grew at all. They reserved their energy. The trees know when to put out a bumper crop of nuts or cones.  These seeds, these energy reserves, ensure the continuation of the species. If nature depleted her own resources, what would happen? We are blessed that balance and economy are inherent to nature, that nature does not have free will!

Oh, but we do– we have free will. So we can choose to be blind to the need for reserves. We can create enormous  and rapid growth while depleting our reserves and the reserve of the planet. This kind of growth is not sustainable. It leads to depletion no matter the who that is doing the depleting, and the what that is being depleted.

Kah-lunk! When I got it, I got it.  And I am so grateful for understanding the big picture about reserves, as I know that I can’t change my behavior in any deep, long lasting way, until I change what I believe.

There’s so much more that can be said on this subject. I look forward to your feed back. You can fill in the comment box at the very bottom of this page (preferred method)  or send me an email via the contact box. Thank you.

Stop the Whining 40 Day Challenge Update

Thanks to all who persisted through failed contact-forms and buttons last week to email me and sign up for the challenge. I love it that not only are people understanding the energy loss involved in their own negative talk, but are getting that it’s not healthy to take in other’s negativity either. We need to build and protect our energy reserves. Monitoring what we give out and what we take in through the word, is a very big piece to master.

The technical difficulties I met with around establishing a sign up method resulted in me saying damn a few times.  David is quite good in the role as the bad talk cop! Here’s another button so you don’t have to go hunting for a way to sign up.

For Email Marketing you can trust

I am prepared not to swear if it doesn’t work the first time.  I’m looking forward to hearing how the challenge is going for individuals and I hope there are some who have taken this challenge into their workplace or community group. It could become a great fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Winter is not usually long enough for me to accomplish everything I have on my winter to-do list. I am so happy to have the opportunity to stay inside and watch the snow, listen to the wind blow and whittle away at the list. It’s looking that perhaps this winter has a good chance at being long enough to get near the bottom of it.

Blessings for reserves of patience, tolerance, stamina and fortitude while we await some signs of Spring!


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2 thoughts on “I Found the Missing Piece to a Puzzle

  1. Name: Joanna Pinney Buell
    Email: info@lightheartretreat.com
    Website: http://www.buellsgranite.com
    Message: This email came in from El: today on NHPR, the program that USED to be called “speaking of faith” had a gal on who said something I want to remember forever. I need to go to the website to get it exactly AS she said, but as I recall it: “if you can’t forgive, you are taking a poison that you wish would kill someone else”. I was stunned to realize that what she’d said was true of MY life, and my relation ship with my parents…..dad who’s deceased, and Mom who’s 85 and needy. I need to remember this, and work on it daily. Namaste` Ellen~ Reading this gave me the shivers! I am so glad this piece came to you! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. I dowsed asking what % of people are dealing with unforgiveness of their parents? I got 85%. I am curious to see if you experience your mother’s neediness decreasing as she experiences the energy of forgiveness. Love and blessings for this deep healing of your past, Joanna

  2. This came in from Karen:

    OMG-You are so right. I have no energy reserves. I go in 5th gear all the time and then wonder why I crash. I plan on building my energy/health reserves when I have that opportunity . . .Kah-lunk!

    Namaste` Karen~ 20 years ago we didn’t have all the extra stress on our bodies that we have today from electromagnetic frequencies, an steadily increasing MGH frequency of the earth. We were not bombarded by negativity from so many sources. Our exposure to stress is up 45% according to my dowsing. So perhaps we could go in high gear and not drain down our reserves in those time before cell phones and laptops and how many news channels are there? Now we have to be really aware as it’s difficult to keep our energy reserves current to the needs of one day. I encourage you to look at your plate and see what can possibly be removed and to remember the two letter word that is not often used by we women. “No.” You do not want to fall victim to the modern day diseases or syndromes that arise out of burning ones adrenal glands out. Love and blessings for a vacation to present to you and if not a vacation, at least more time to pause and reflect, Joanna

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