Resonance: Our Saving Grace?

We have a tradition in my family. Joanna bakes rhubarb pies for May Day, Mother’s Day and for my father’s birthday which falls on May 11th. As my parents live in southern New Hampshire and I now live in Downeast Maine, I have to pass on either May Day or Mother’s Day, as I would not do the drive back-to-back.

Rhubarb doesn’t like a cold, wet spring, anymore than we do. The last time I looked at mine it was just leafing out. When David had errands to do yesterday I asked him to bring me back some rhubarb. Today David shared with me that the rhubarb was very dear, being from Belgium at $3.95 a pound.

I couldn’t help myself. I jumped up and down; had a little hissy fit. It wasn’t the price. I would pay anything so that I could bake at least one pie for my parents. It was the knowing that rhubarb is abundant in New England and the rhubarb in Hannaford’s had come from Belgium. After my fuming, I didn’t go any further on the subject. I know better than to try to make sense out of insanity.

I did not have enough rhubarb to make the number of pies I had planned on. I took my paring knife and went out to our rhubarb patch with high hopes that it was further along in growth. At a glance it was only about 5 inches high with smallish leaves. When I bent down for a closer look, I could see that I could cut perhaps enough for one pie. I thanked the plant with every stalk I took.

I had washed the honking big Belgian rhubarb first. I had plans to dowse on it to remove anything that didn’t belong in it and ask the spirit of the rhubarb plant to come back into it. (Yes–it might have been easier to raise Lazarus from the dead then to revive the rhubarb’s energy with dowsing) I washed the petite rhubarb stalks from our garden and laid it down beside the Belgian. Then I dowsed on the energy of our rhubarb. It was 79,000, which is the energy of our land, so I was not surprised. Then I checked the energy of the Belgian rhubarb. It was 55,000.

Rhubarb from Belgium and our First Pickings

 “What?” I asked aloud. This was a very high reading. 20,000 would be passing. I had not expected this. Hmmm…I asked, “What was the energy of the rhubarb before I put my own rhubarb down beside it?”  The answer was 3,000.

So what happened? Resonance. The Belgian rhubarb resonated upwards to the energy of the rhubarb grown here at Light Heart Retreat.

If a food stuff that has been cut and shipped across the Atlantic from Belgium to Maine increases its energy by resonance with a healthy specimen, what implications does that have for our own ability to naturally resonate upwards to a higher source of energy?

Have you ever been in a cathedral and felt uplifted by the sheer energy regardless of whether or not you are particularly religious?

How do you feel when you enter a funeral parlor?

How do you feel when you see a photo of the Dalai Lama?

How do you feel when you hear or read the name, Osama bin Laden?

Everything is energy. The news coming over the television is energy. What we read has an energy. The conversations we engage in carry an energy…

Got it? Good!

Now, if the divine design is for a high energy to uplift something that is vibrating at a level that is barely alive, do you think we might have a chance to turn things around on this planet?

I know we do. So get crackin’ and resonate the hell out of everything around you!

Love and blessings to our Earth Mother and all the mothers who walk upon her to carry the highest vibrations of love, patience, compassion, wisdom, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and joy!

Still Life with Pies and Pendulum.

9 thoughts on “Resonance: Our Saving Grace?

  1. Thank-you Joanna for such an insightful way of reminding us all of energy. Your story makes “energy” easy to understand. I had forgotten for a moment how simple it all is. I cannot read this article and strike out this morning without feeling very powerful! Blessings for a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    • Namaste` Karena~

      It is so easy to forget and some do not yet recognize, that we are all powerful creators through God’s gift of free will and energy.

      Love and blessings to you for a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!

      P.S. The proof is in the pudding–or shall I say in the pie? I cut a little piece last night that had the Belgium rhubarb in it. It was very good, the next little piece was even better and on the third little piece I knew it was time to leave the rest of this pie for David.

  2. Right on Joanna! Resonance, dowsing, prayer, intention – we CAN change things.

    This is right in line with a blog I wrote recently called “The Energy Project”.

  3. BLESS YOU AND YOUR RHUBARB PIES…and Happy Mudders Day…Now I am craving a strawberry rhubarb pie…and none in sight. Hoping you have tons by the next week or two. Will write email soon. I still can’t believe you went swimming in the quarry in April…you are amazing. Marian

    • Namaste` Marian~ I would be a super woman if I’d actually been swimming. I was not in the water more than a minute. Just a quick cleanse! I’ve felt called to do it a couple more times, but haven’t had the courage. If you come to Maine, I’ll bake you a pie. Love and blessings for your VT spring, Joanna

  4. Namaste Joanna!! Thank you for the wonderful posting! Resonance, yes! I have been so aware of the relationships between things, and of how one inspires or affects the other. The last few years, energy has really been fascinating to learn from, at times, often very difficult. But in the last year or so I’ve been very aware of lower energies calibrating to higher. I have to remind myself of this when I feel overwhelmed or bogged down by lower energy people or events. Instead of complaining or avoiding–radiate higher and inspire, right? As I settle in to another very busy week at school, your posting has resonated with me, giving me the lift I need to move into the week with the best possible perspective.

    I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day, and that the rhubarb pie was as good as it looks, and as good as it vibrates! Love and blessings! Lauren

    • Namaste` Lauren~ Thanks for your excellent input. I am so glad to hear that you are seeing improvements in energy. If people desire to change their situation for the better and are in someway asking for help, it appears that the help is finding them. Perhaps not what they asked for, but what they need. I see others using their free will to create more crap for themselves and those around them. As Raymon Grace says, “Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and you’ll keep gettin’, what you’re gettin’.” And those situations draw what resonates to their energy. Fortunately the deck is stacked in the favor of the higher resonance, no matte how it presently appears.
      Love and blessings for high vibes during your school week! Joanna

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