What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a tradition as ancient as the bible. In the 23rd Psalm, the rod referred to is a dowsing rod. Animals have the natural ability to locate water and so did we. As our ability to reason and think developed, our senses diminished. How did anyone know to use a tool to find water? No doubt it was through Divine guidance, likely given through a dream, hence the original name for dowsing, which is divining.

Modern day dowsing has many, varied applications. Here are a few:

~To locate a well.
~To locate mineral deposits.
~To locate lost items or people.
~To neutralize detrimental effects of geopathic stresses such as fault lines, underground water lines.
~To communicate with the spirit world.
~To clear people, places and objects of detrimental energy patterns.
~As a method to clear people, places and objects of what may be referred to as entities or demonic forces.
~To increase or decrease energy.
~To evaluate health, identify energy imbalances and discern the appropriate treatments.
~To overcome detrimental habits and addictions.
~For help with the myriad of decisions that we need to address everyday.
~To identify and locate detrimental events in past lifetimes and bring the detrimental energies into positive energy for the person(s), place and the event. To also remove the detrimental energies from nature…from the water, the stone, the soil etc. This is called Akashic Clearing.

Dowsing allows us to tap into the total field of consciousness known by various names such as the Akashic records, the Field, God consciousness, mass consciousness…We can access what we need to know if we know how to ask for it.

Can anyone dowse? Theoretically, yes. It takes much practice to develop the skill of wording your question. One must truly desire to know only the truth, if they are to be successful in dowsing. So the quality of non-detachment must be developed, too. Specific and specialized areas of dowsing have a body of knowledge, methods and protocols that must be learned. A beginner dowser will experience much fun and success with starting out with dowsing on the stuff of everyday life, like picking out a ripe melon at the supermarket, discerning which supplements to take and how to take them; where to go on vacation. The applications are endless.


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